Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Once a cheater, always a cheater?

Everyone's heard the "once a cheater, always a cheater", but does everyone believe in it?

I have to say that I have cheated on two boyfriends before. One knows I did and the other has no clue. So when my husband and I started to date, I told him that I had cheated before (some would say that wasn't smart, but I can't lie to him), and of course I worried that he'd think that "if she cheated on other guys, she'll cheat on me." But I think that you learn from your mistakes.

The first person I cheated on, he wasn't in love with me and I was in love with him, and I thought that if i went out with other guys, then I'd find someone who did love me. Needless to say, when I cheated, I felt horribly guilty and made me realize how much I loved him.

I would never cheat on my husband now, because I learned after I cheated, that I would never want someone to do it to me.

So is it that I got mature? or just kinda "learned my lesson?" who knows. But I do know some people who are older then I am (i'm only 26), and who are still cheating on their gfs, or just started.

But I do have to say, that if someone I was with had cheated, or had cheated on someone to be with me, I'd be worried about them doing the same thing to me. Call me a hypocrite.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

my dream

Considering my latest blog about using toys on guys, you'll love this one!!

My husband is totally against ANYTHING near his ass. But last night, I had this messed up dream related to that.

Previously, I asked my husband if he had any fantasies that he hadn't told me, and he said no. So in my dream my husband and I were making out and he decided to tell me this fantasy that he was a little embarassed about.

He was afraid it would turn me off by this and a little nervous about telling me, but I kept telling him it was ok and that I wanted him to tell me.

So he brings out this pencil sized dildo and says he wants me to use it on him. Needless to say, I was incredibly turned off but I kept acting like I was interested, except his hand was on my p**sy and I was sooooooooo not getting wet. lol.

Thankfully I woke up before I used it on him!!!

I know maybe it's wrong, but I dont care to use anything on a guy. I fingured a guy once, who wanted to try it, but it totally didn't turn me on. Infact, it was kinda gross. But if my husband said he was into it, i'd do it.

Needless to say, I told him my dream and he was so grossed out, but we laughed about it. Infact, I was laughing as I was trying to tell the story, knowing how he doesn't want anything near his butt.

My comment to him was that "I never want to see the inside of your butt crack, unless you cut it, and I need to put neosporan on it." lol

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sex Toys on Men

Has anyone been asked by a bf or a fuck buddy to use a sex toy on them?

I knew this guy who LOVED giving me anal more so then anything else, and he was super feminine. So it got me thinking. Then after we stopped playing around with him, he told me how he bought a dildo and started trying to use it on himself. And he wanted to know how he can ask his current gf to use it on him lol.

I told him to kinda hint around the topic if he didn't think she'd be ok with it.

So I ask everyone, what would you do if your male significant other asked them to fuck them in the ass (to be blunt)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Prostitution is the topic of the day....

So should it be legal or not? If you've ever seen the "Cat House" on HBO, you'd get a pretty interesting look into the lives of "prostitutes" who can work legally in parts of NV (the only state were it's legal, and it's only legal in certain parts of the state). Or, you can watch the flip side on shows like Cops, where they are arresting illegal prostitutes on the street.

I do have to say that I have no problem with legalized prostitions as long as it's regulated. The reason it's legal in NV is because that every month (although it might be more frequent) they get tested for STDs and they have to use condoms when doing anything sexual with their parties.

I personally think that if we legalized prostitution, that there would be houses like the Bunny Ranch popping up all over the place. And then we'd at least be able to regulate the industry and keep it safe.

ALSO, as a person who studies serial killers (and actually corresponds with 2 of them), they tend to attack prositutes because they are easy targets. If the girls weren't running around on the streets, but were instead living in a house and the guys had to come in and do their business there and then leave, I think prostitution would become much safer.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Difference between men with men and women with women

So i was reading a few different comments on the post I put about shemales, and well it brought up a few questions in my mind. In todays society we see women kissing all the time, in movies, on tv shows, at parties, its pretty much everywhere. What isn't every where is men on men, not that i am into that I would much rather see women together, but still there are gay men out there and some women who do like to see it. I have heard a few people make the comment to me that they hate to see men walking in public holding hands and kissing, that it grosses them out, but when asked about women they don't feel the same way, it just doesn't bother them as much or at all.

There are also people who dont like public displays of affection at all. Me personaly, hey you want to show the world you are all about the person by all means have at it. Why is it wrong in this society to be a gay man, homosexual man however you want to put it. There are more and more women who think its trendy to be bi or just be into women and I really think it is because of all the media out there with women on women in it.

I think its really weird how back when there were kings who ruled everything majority of them were gay, they had friking male sex slaves, and now its so encoded in everyone minds that its not right for men to be with men, but to me it's getting to be okay for women to be with women. Granted women's bodies are beautiful, but some men can have beautiful bodies to. Anyway i guess my point is why is it more acceptable to be a gay or bi women then a gay or bi man. I do think one day it really wont matter if your gay, straight or have no sexual orign whatsoever.

And if anyone says well the bible says its not right for men to be together, then i want to know why it is right to even have sex for any other reason then to reproduce. I guess America is still closed minded and just wants to shut out anything they don't understand or are scared of. Maybe one day anything will go. I do also think some men are scared of the thought of maybe they have thought about a man in a sexually way and they come across as a homophob cause they are asamed of it cause its what some of us grew up to beleive. But anyway I will wrap this up feel free to comment I love to see what other people think on any of this.

Weird Fantasies

So I know everyone has fantasies, and what is classified as weird and normal is all a personal opinion, one of mine may be considered a little weird. So I really like vampires hence a comment on one of Stacey's posts about being bitten, well I love it. I have always wanted to awake to a strikinly gorgerous vampire, like one you might see in Interview with a Vampire, standing over my bed, he will say seductive things that just make me want scream with pleasure, then pull my neck back and gently touch it and kiss it, then of course sink his nice fangs into my skin.

I would also want to be turned into a vampire of course, and have him sweep me away to his castle and we live happily ever after, but that's just my romantic side coming out. I have heard the bite from a vampire is one of the best pleasures in the world, if they didn't exist then how would this be known? Anyway I would never drink someones blood and I would never bit anyone to actually draw blood, and i would never let someone bite my neck and actually puncture skin (unless of course it was a vampire:) I guess that's why they call them fantasies, this one I will just let live in my mind, not one I think I would act out to its full potential. Maybe later I will talk about ones I would act out that aren't potentially dangerous :)

Can you have too much sex?

Of course there is such a thing as being over sexual, you're called a nymphomaniac, nympho for short. But can you really have too much sex? and how much sex do you have to have or want to be considered a nympho?

I was a self proclaimed nympho in my premarital days. And my bf's and fuck buddies at the time would agree. No one was able to keep up with me! Everytime I'd meet a guy, I'd tell them I'm a nympho and their comment would always be "not as much as me", and everyone one admitted that they couldn't keep up with me.

Was I over sexing myself and my relationship? Maybe that's why all my past relationships were based around sex. Because that's all we did!

I do know that having too much sex definately can rub you raw!

you know what i've also found? That if I have sex, then dont have it for a couple of days, the sex is SOOO much better for both of us, then if we were to fuck the next day. I know this is going to sound bad, but you naturally stretch out. So if you give your body some time to relax and shrink again, it feels that much better.

And this one might sound stupid, but can having too much sex be bad for your body? I know that when you have a baby your tend to not be as tight down there, or so I've heard, but can having "other" objects down there make you loose as well?

Obviously, sex can be bad for your body if you are having unprotected sex. Because a disease can ravage your body. But i'm talking more of just having it too much. Am I making any sence?

Any thoughts?